A forty-five year veteran of stage, feature films
and television, the following shows recent examples of Doug’s work.
The story revolves around the friendship of four boys over a sixty year time period while playing the game of golf. After sneaking onto the grounds of the elite Sunset Ridge Country Club, the lives of John Burroughs, Hank Bartkowski, Ben Thorpe, and Charlie Watanabe play out before us as they negotiate the trials and tribulations of the game. As the years pass, their lives take different paths and dramatic turns. Through it all their relationships are challenged, tested, and eventually strengthened while playing on the links. John Heard, Ronny Cox, Burt Young, and Pat Morita star as the adult versions of these memorable characters who will strike a universal chord in audiences.
The heart warming story of Annie Lamm, a 12 year old girl from New York City, who spends most of the summer with her estranged grandfather in South Carolina. Seemingly lost, with "no computer, no friends, no shopping malls to go to, and nothing good to eat", the teen does everything she can to make life difficult for herself and family members. However, after a near fatal accident, Annie's opinion of her grandfather changes, and she realizes the dysfunctional relationship she shares with her parents are in need of repair. With the help of new found friends in Hilton Head, Annie reminds everyone the true meaning behind "family" and comes of age in the process.